Northrup king building

May 3rd-May 27th


What the fudge is going on here?

an interactive experience that’s what

You’re a gem is an art playground, curated by Larissa Loden and created by a team of Peryourhealth and artists. The space is a collection of art, installation and fun stuff for you to get yourself lost in, all inspired by the properties of gemstones used in Larissa Loden’s jewelry collections. Take some selfies, enjoy yourself and become a part of the art, because you, after all, are a gem and it’s where you belong.

As active members of the Northeast Minneapolis Artist Community, we are proud to be able to say that we will be donating all proceeds from these events ticket sales directly to NEMAA. NEMAA is a non-profit organization that provides community assistance for artists and makers in NE Minneapolis. NEMAA is responsible for coordinating the largest annual open studio tour in the US, Art-A-Whirl.



the gems masters

We couldn’t be more honored to host some of the most interesting and innovative designers to come out of the Midwest. Below is a list of our artists and where you can check out what they are all about & sponsered by greatpeople.me.  



The lady with the vision. Larissa Loden is a jewelry designer and mom-boss with a growing business based out of Northeast Minneapolis. With a background in art education and design, she is taking the helm of this project, curating a mix talent, utilizing her team of designers and artists, and pulling the whole darn thing together.



Kevin Kramp

Kevin Kramp is an award-winning internationally-recognized artist and designer working in the fields of fashion, installation and wall art. He endeavors to push the limits of process and materials to create sophisticated, innovative, high-impact work.



Ashley Mary

Minnesota-born artist, designer and illustrator works out of her studio in Minneapolis, turning playful collages into spirited paintings, and abstract patterns into whimsical product designs. There are no rules; just a celebration of lines that dance, shapes that nestle together and paint that looks thick and textured.


Araya Jensen

Araya Jensen is an art director, designer, and photographer based out of MN. She is known for her housewares brand, Wilful Goods, utilizing vivid colors and organic textures, and following a decade + long career designing interiors.  In recent years, Araya has continued to elevate her editorial eye with a focus on the exploration of color and light.


Pink Linen

Kait started Pink Linen in 2015. Pink Linen’s products are hand-drawn, whimsical, unique, pieces of art.  Drawing on inspiration from her three girls, and creating with a universal sensibility that fits seamlessly into a variety of homeware styles, Pink Linen is an MN crafted household name.


Celina Kane

Celina Kane is a Minneapolis based Millener with a background in Art History, Political Science & French Studies. She started her line in 2015, combining an aesthetic that is equal parts minimalist and surrealist, geometric and whimsical. She sculpts each hat and headpiece by hand using the finest quality materials to create wearable art imbued with fantasy, mystery & romance.


Girl Friday

Artist and designer, Carly Van Veldhuizen, leads the Girl Friday team in creating killer, one-of-a-kind installations, displays, props, and décor. The Girl Friday team is experienced in a wide-range of materials and techniques. Specializing in using unconventional materials in new and interesting ways.




you want in?

The museum kicks off on May 3rd during MN Fashion Week. Tickets for the event are available here. Doors open at 7 for libations and treats. Be the first to dive into the galleries, mix and mingle with the artists and get your fashun on. The space is open for ticketed sales Fridays-Sundays 4/4-4/19 for you to come in and chillax with your friends in the gemmiest space in MN. Check out the details here.




The Northrup King Building

Larissa Loden has been a proud resident of the Northrup King Building for the past 4 years. We’re hosting this whole-shebang on the 3rd floor in their gallery space (Suite 332) There is ample parking available and accessible entrances to the suite.

You’re a gem: A gem, a diamond of a person. Someone to be considered flawless.

Person1: You’re a gem, you know that?
Person2: Thank you!
— Urban Dictionary